Rob Banken : reeds

Peter Delannoye : trombone

Dries Geusens : bass

Matthias De Waele : drums

RPDMN (RaPiDMan) is a Ghent-based quartet consisting of 2 horns – alto saxophone and trombone – electric bass and drums. Influences of rock, jazz and free are the engine for melody-driven and energetic themes.

All four musicians are well known in the Belgian music scene and abroad, playing in numerous different settings and genres a.o. Flat Earth Society, Nordmann, Molten Penguin, Gwen Cresens Quartet, John Ghost, H A S T, DelVita, Bravo Bigband, Igor Gehenot “Organ” trio, Kleptomatics,…

In RPDMN they experiment through their united musical voice, resulting in a straightforward motion that stands out in its plain and simple concept: four musicians who enjoy playing together.


11 juli 2019 – Monterey X Footprints – Gent

07 april 2019 – Achterham Sessions – Gent

12 jan 2019 – De Loft – Herent

16 nov 2018 – Narreschip – Leuven

11 nov 2018 – Roskam – Brussel

14 sep 2018 – Live at Monterey – Gent

9 sep 2018 – Jazz at home – Mechelen