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Artwork by Domenique Brouwers (read all about it here)

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Rapidman is a new jazz band with top musicians who have won their spurs in bands such as Flat Earth Society, Arno, Nordmann, Arsenal, Isolde, Soulsister, etc. The list is practically endless. The band name? You won’t forget it once you get to know the unique sound of this quintet; the band is much more than the sum of its parts.

Rapidman is one of those collectives that can show you every corner of the room without losing control, creating a sizzling and crackling atmosphere. With bursting energy, lilting lyricism and catchy melodies, the five-piece band seamlessly blends the jazz tradition with diverse influences from rock and experimental electronic music.

Drawing inspiration from analogue soundscapes and aiming to evoke an innovative cinematic trance in the listener, the band describes their sound as “freedom, individuality, strong melodies underpinned by an imaginative groove, sculpted with wild, undefined and dreamy electronics.

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Rapidman is:

Rob Banken (alto saxophone), Matthias De Waele (drums), Peter Delannoye (trombone), Mirko Banovic (electronica) and Dries Geusens (electric bass).